Eastern 4-H Center
100 North Clover Way
Columbia, NC 27925
P: (252) 797.4800
W: Eastern 4H Center
E: info@eastern4hcenter.org
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Eastern 4-H Educational Center

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Enjoy Camping, Retreats, Events & Educational Programs

The Eastern 4-H Environmental Education Center near Columbia, NC has outstanding facilities and on-site youth program specialists to plan and help carry out a program just for you. Customized, educational programs tailored to the North Carolina’s Standard Course of Study can help you and your students reach your learning and testing objectives. Teachers and group leaders appreciate the comfort and security of this state-of-the-art, bayside complex designed especially for youth.

From indoor and outdoor classrooms to environmental education, outdoor education, and team challenge/ropes courses as well as great dining and lodging facilities, the Eastern 4-H Center offers more than you can possibly take advantage of in one visit. Conflicts with adult seminars, workshops or other activities during field trips are never a problem here.

Less Travel, More Learning

Using the facility as a hub for regional field trips and combining those with effective on-site programming saves time and effort. The Center works with all HAT members to build itineraries and provide a cohesive program experience to every group. The Center’s location—centrally in North Carolina’s Northeast—makes it an ideal base for taking in a rich diversity of natural areas and historical sites. Just a short distance from the Center you can touch ancient archeological findings or soak up the atmosphere in rooms where early colonists planned the first protest tea party.

Study a newly collected specimen from the bay under a microscope. Get up close and personal with native and nonnative species of reptiles and amphibians. Share the excitement as students make the connection between these new discoveries and their own worlds.

From simple observations to lasting impressions, you’ll appreciate special programs that facilitate the learning process.

4H Grows Here Columbia NC

About the Facilities

  • Group-oriented, open year round
  • Reservations required
  • Environmental and outdoor education programs
  • Leadership and teambuilding programs
  • Recreational programming including canoeing, kayaking and swimming
  • Lodging and dining accommodations
  • Fully handicapped accessible
  • Motorcoach parking