Historic Albemarle Trail

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Travel through time and become alive to history!

Let the kids pick up starfish, pet skates and peer at sharks swimming in an overhead aquarium. Show them fossils that are billions of years old and dig for coral, shells and shark’s teeth.

Spend an afternoon walking through 400 years of interactive history exhibited in one building. See an animated pirate, “shoot” ducks from a blind and climb into the hold of a creaking “old” ship.

Taking the Historic Albemarle Tour, which winds through northeast North Carolina, is like encountering pages from a history book that teach us volumes about the present. It’s a story of growth and change… of wilderness
walks and uncharted horizons…a multi-dimensional register of mankind that adds to our sense of place. It shows us who we are, where we came from and where we’re going. Explore a world of artifacts in a multitude of museums. Learn about the Native American lifestyle. See Civil War memorabilia. Rediscover long-forgotten Colonial treasures. Stand inside 18th century buildings. Stroll through Colonial gardens. Board a replica of a 16th century sailing ship. Experience life on a southern plantation.

Visit one of America’s first lifesaving stations – now more than 125 years old – and climb a lighthouse that’s still “beaming.”

Historic Albemarle Tour Sites