Historic Jarvisburg Colored School

Historic Jarvisburg Colored School
7302 Caratoke Highway
Jarvisburg, NC 27947

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The Historic Jarvisburg Colored School is the oldest standing pre-Rosenwald school in North Carolina, depicting the history of education of all African American students in Currituck County from the late 1830s until 1950.

The school-turned-museum represents more than just education of African American children; it historically represents rural family life in Currituck at that time. The stories from many former students who attended these Currituck County schools prior to de-segregation are being told. They are stories about the heritage in rural Currituck County. They are stories from those who also were encouraged to expand their education and go on to become teachers, school administrators, businessmen, and workers in many trades.

The Historic Jarvisburg Colored School represents the history of all the former Colored schools in the county. This museum showcases an upper elementary age classroom that often combined several grades of children. Former students have shared many stories from their time at one or more of these schools.

Exhibits speak to the cultural heritage of living in a rural, poor and coastal county in North Carolina and the struggles, challenges and opportunities that were realized during this time in our history.

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Historic Jarvisburg Colored School

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