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Explore Our History to Find Treasures of Your Past

When you embark on the Historic Albemarle Tour (HAT), a self-guided driving tour that winds through the Northeast North Carolina counties, you encounter the treasures of the our historic book that teaches us volumes about the present.

The tale of this ancient region is the story of America It’s a story of growth and change…of wilderness walks and uncharted horizons…a multidimensional microcosm for the American experience that enhances a sense of place. It illuminates who we are, where came from and where we’re going.

Since 1975, this heritage trail hs attracted thousands o9f visotrs, school chilkdren, and educators, to the region to follow inthe footstpes of Indians and colonists, soldiers ad slaves, sea captains, and priates.

Now we invite you to explore well over 400 years of American history. You’ll find tours and activities designed to educate and stimulate explorers of all ages. Interactive exhibits, hands-on activities, living history, and interpretive events await you!

In this field trip / group tour guide, you will find general information design to help you plan your voyage to Northeast North Carolina.

Visit our members site pages for detailed information of each site, as as resources you can use in preparation for your visit. We look forward to seeing you on the HAT!

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